The world of WitNet by Kim C Lundin

a start-up or a fresh start, either way it is more than okay

I needed an administrative page to make myself heard and seen in a format of my choosing, an entirely selfish project.

So, I will post images, my published articles, hints about mind-boggling events and my thoughts on various topics. Stubborn, opinionated with strong will – I am not sure anyone will follow, agree or keep all their brain cells intact.

My company name WitNet is a word play, with the aim for witty articles and networking capabilities from my past in the IT business and telecom.

Project by the way, I love projects and in fact, I am a project manager, delivering on time, budget and in accordance with defined goals.

Projection is a fascinating word, it can mean so many things and they all fit my purpose.

So fell free to tag along on this journey.

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